Course Outcomes

This course is tailored for parents who want to understand how to establish healthy eating habits within their family. Plus, there are several engaging components with an interactive quiz that you can involve your children in.

  • You will enhance your nutrition knowledge and understanding of how to apply it in your daily life with your family.

  • Master time and money-saving meal planning and prepping best practices, from detailed grocery shopping to building healthy, balanced plates.

  • You will be able to get your family united on healthy eating by following (and personalizing) our proven approaches.

Nutrition Is At The Core of A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating starts at home! This course is step 1 to keeping the whole family healthy.


  • Is there a test and do I get a certificate?

    There are quick trivia along the way, and you can enjoy this seminar-style course for 60-days from purchase to maximize your learning retention! If you are looking for professional development for health or fitness professionals, please email [email protected].

  • How long is the course?

    Est. 60-120 minutes. You can pause, take breaks and continue!

  • Why choose a course by registered dietitians?

    A registered dietitian (RD) is a regulated and licensed healthcare professional that is university trained in the field of food and nutrition, combined with supervised practical experience. They are experts in translating scientific, medical and nutrition information into general education, personalized goals, action plans and support through coaching. Our Dietitians have an extensive background in the application of food science combined with behavioural coaching to drive lifelong change towards a healthy approach to food.