Course Outcomes

Your (only) liver is essential to your life and learning how to care for it, and repair damage, are foundational health skills. While this course is focused on fatty liver disease, this course can help anyone improve their science-based knowledge about the liver, which is one of our most important organs. This course teaches the likely causes for developing fatty liver, from different habits to various body factors. In the practical segment, you will learn about lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation options for reducing or preventing fatty liver.

  • Learn about the importance of liver health and the different symptoms, causes and stages of fatty liver disease.

  • Grow your knowledge about fatty liver prevention and detection based on symptoms, blood work, Fibro scans and more.

  • Understand how the foods we eat impact our liver function, including foods to eat more of and those to avoid.

  • Learn about various lifestyle, habit and body factors that impact liver health and increase the risk of fatty liver disease.

  • Get ready to take action by learning eight approaches to reducing a fatty liver. You will also receive a course handout with a sample liver healthy meal plan and recipes.

A Healthier Liver, A Healthier You!

Did you know that liver problems are often undetected as there may be no symptoms? That is why general knowledge and awareness are essential to prevention and detection.


  • Is there a test and do I get a certificate?

    There are quick trivia along the way, and you can enjoy this seminar-style course for 60-days from purchase to maximize your learning retention! If you are looking for professional development for health or fitness professionals, please email [email protected].

  • How long is the course?

    Est. 60-90 minutes. You can pause, take breaks and continue!

  • Why choose a course by registered dietitians?

    A registered dietitian (RD) is a regulated and licensed healthcare professional that is university trained in the field of food and nutrition, combined with supervised practical experience. They are experts in translating scientific, medical and nutrition information into general education, personalized goals, action plans and support through coaching. Our Dietitians have an extensive background in the application of food science combined with behavioural coaching to drive lifelong change toward a healthy approach to food.